Frequently Asked Questions about Hester’s Bottoms Campground

We have compiled a list of the questions that come up often in the process of planning a visit to Hester’s Bottoms. We hope you find this helpful! If it doesn’t answer your question, you’re welcome to contact us for more information.

Are you open all year?

Yes, we will be open all year.

How do we make reservations?

Online by visiting our booking link.
Book a Campsite at Hester's Bottoms Campground

Do you have openings for the summer?

YES! We are currently booked for the summer holidays and Halloween, but there are many other weekends that are available all year. Visit our booking link to see our availability and schedule your visit.

How far out can I book?

Right now we have opened reservations through December 31. When you book online, the software keeps track of your information and how much you camp with us. So near the end of each six month, period, we will pull the list and allow those people a chance to book first for the next six months. This is our way of thanking our guests for choosing us! We anticipate that we will open the first six months of 2022 in the Fall.

You have a 3-night minimum?

Yes, from March through November we have a 3-night minimum. During the planning phase, we spoke with several campers who expressed frustrations over the weekends always being full so they can never book a full week for their families. We are hoping that this will help that. If you can only stay for the weekend, then I suggest booking Friday – Monday and take advantage of the day Sunday because you won’t have to leave early.

When is check-in/check-out?

Check out is by 11 am and Check in begins at 2pm.

Do you offer senior citizens discounts?

We offer a 10% discount to all seniors over 65, all veterans, military and first responders. The eligible person or persons must be camping and will be required to show proper identification. Without valid ID, they will be required regular fees.

I have already booked, and the discount wasn’t present, will I get a credit?

Yes, if you show valid ID at check-in, we will credit you.

Any other discounts?

We offer a 7-day camping special of 10% off then entire stay.

My reservation says that my site may change, why is that?

Our booking software offers a lock feature to parks which requires guests to pay to lock their site. We do NOT participate in this program. So, you will be in the site that you chose with no extra fees.

Can I put my RV on the primitive sites with a generator?

Sure! You are more than welcome to do that. I just suggest that you don’t forget to fill your water tank prior to coming into the park since there is also no water currently on those sites.